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Discover two thrilling game experiences to explore the hidden mysteries of Carouge!

Carouge: the secrets of the Sardinian city

Get ready for a thrilling adventure through the city of Carouge. Immerse yourself in a mysterious and fascinating universe where you will have to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to discover the city's hidden treasures, reveal its best-kept secrets, and explore its authentic history and emblematic buildings. Will you be up to the challenge to become the hero of this unforgettable quest? The town of Carouge awaits you, ready to be discovered...

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Fantastic Blackbird

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Carouge! You have been chosen to solve a series of puzzles and clues to save the city from an evil spell. Explore the streets of Carouge, discover well-kept secrets and foil the plans of the evil wizard to succeed in your mission. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Carougeland : Le royaume maudit II

La quête pour sauver Carougeland continue ! Vous avez parcouru les rues mystiques de Carouge à la recherche du véritable talisman, mais la découverte de sa véritable localisation nécessite un voyage encore plus périlleux. Le talisman forgé de l'or pur de l'Arve reste insaisissable, caché quelque part dans les vastes contrées inexplorées qui entourent le royaume.

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Who are we ?

Carouge Games is the fruit of the common passion of a couple in love with the city of Carouge. Always inseparable, Elif and Frédéric are driven by strong family values ​​and a pronounced taste for the simple pleasures of life. It is this convivial and playful vision of the discovery of Carouge that they wanted to transmit through their games, by creating a unique experience that rhymes with pleasure and wonder.

With Carouge Games, they have succeeded in reconciling their passion and their professional expertise, to offer a unique experience of playful and educational discovery. Join them for an unforgettable journey filled with puzzles through the streets of Carouge!

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